As a wedding photographer, I am all about being resourceful and using what is available to me on wedding days.  However, I do think it’s important to go into a wedding day prepared for anything and everything!  Styling details is one of those things that takes time and lots of patience and creativity.  There are a lot of aspects to styling details and one of the most important pieces is the backdrop.  In the past, I have used many things as a backdrop:

  • The bride’s dress
  • The bride’s veil
  • Furniture
  • The floor
  • Bridesmaid dress

And sometimes (usually) a combination of all of the above! When styling details, it’s important to make sure the backdrop doesn’t distract from the details, but rather makes them pop.  Here are a few examples of using what was in the room, no styling board:

A chair, a piece of driftwood, the bride’s jewelry – the driftwood represented the wedding’s location, the bride’s family home on the Chesapeake Bay


Snowy Winter Wedding at Mount Ida Farm | Kathryn Ivy Photography |

Photographed on a floral chair covered with a white blanket, draped with the bride’s veil


Kitchen table at Big Spring Farm, the rustic wood complimented the rustic linen ribbon


The boutonnieres were photographed on the floor (where the dress is hanging) giving the simple, classic bouts a bit of texture

Pretty, right?  But sometimes the situation calls for a more subtle backdrop:

  • When you want the beauty and details of a beautifully curated invitation suite to pop
  • You want to highlight the details of the bride’s jewelry
  • Basically anything that may be a bit “busier” or detailed, you definitely need a simple, clean backdrop!

Photographed on my ivory styling board


Snowy Winter Wedding at Mount Ida Farm | Kathryn Ivy Photography |

A simple, clean background made the Charlottesville map by English Tea Paperie really pop


I wanted the focus to be on the rings here. A clean, styling board as the background helped me achieve that

With the 2019 Wedding Season quickly approaching, I’m looking forward to using new styling boards that offer more color and texture options!  You can buy styling boards from places like Heirloom Bindery, or you can make your own!  Today I’m sharing how I make my double sided styling boards!



  • Fabric, 3/4 yard (I used all linen for mine & 3/4 yard is more than you’ll need but it accounts for crooked cutting, fabric impurities and such)
  • Fabric scissors (or just new scissors)
  • Packing tape (or another strong tape like duct tape)
  • White foam board (20″x30″)
  • Hot glue
  • An iron



  1. Order your fabric!  When it arrives, you’ll need to iron it right away and lay/hang flat until you’re ready to use it
  2. Lay your fabric flat on a clean dry surface and then lay your foam board on top.  Cut your fabric to be about 2 inches bigger than the board.
  3. Begin taping your fabric around the back of the board – start in the center on all 4 sides
  4. On the long edge of the board, tape a piece on either side of the center piece, then turn the board around and do the other side.  You’ll want to pull the fabric as tightly as you can. Reinforce with more tape if needed.
  5. Continue on the pattern until you reach the edges.  You’ll want to cut the corner down to get a clean edge (see photo)
  6. Then, do the short edges, following the same pattern.
  7. Once you have all the edges done, reinforce with long strips of tape.
  8. Set aside!
  9. Make your second board in the same manner.
  10. When you’re ready to attach them, loop some tape (I did about 5 pieces) and then drizzle hot glue around the edges and in the middle of the back of one board. (I didn’t photograph this part because hot glue dries fast!)
  11. Line the other board up and press firmly to the bottom board. *be careful to not dent your foam board doing this! 
  12. Let the glue dry as you continue to press firmly.
  13. The edges will look like they are apart, so squeeze some hot glue in between the two board on the edges on all four sides and press firmly together (until the hot glue is dry) – I did 12″ sections at a time.

VOILA!  You’re done!! 

It really is such an easy project – literally anyone can do this!


You can buy a pre-made high-end styling board from a company.  It will definitely save you time.  But it will cost you an arm and a leg!

DIY Double Sided Styling Board:

  • Fabric = $50
  • 4 Foam Boards = $10
  • Glue gun & Hot glue = $0 (already owned)
  • Tape = $0 (already owned)

Total Cost: $60 –> $15 per side! That’s insane you guys.  So sure, you can spend $150+ for styling boards, or you can spend an hour or two, get crafty, and make your own!  I hope this was helpful and happy crafting!! 

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Wednesday Workshop | DIY Double Sided Photography Styling Board

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