I can’t believe it!  It seems like just yesterday you were still in my womb.  Doing somersaults, kicking me in the ribs and bladder, stretching your legs, hiccuping, and my favorite, startling at loud noises!  The anticipation for your birth was so incredible, but actually knowing you and learning about you these past 6 months has exceeded all expectations.  I don’t write a post for you each month, nor do I record publicly all the little things you’re learning (don’t worry…it’s all in your baby book).  But this month, it’s your half birthday!! And in the Snead family…that’s a big deal!!  So here are some things you’ve been learning recently and of course, some pictures to go along.

At 6 months, you’re:

  • Rolling from back to front – you’re still figuring out rolling from front to back, but when you actually do it, you’re so pleased with yourself!
  • You’re sitting up!!  We still have to watch you because you topple over sometimes, but this new development has opened a whole new world for you and you LOVE sitting up to play!
  • You’ve started trying to clap. When we clap, you put your hands together in an effort to clap. It’s adorable
  • You’ve tried solid foods a few times, but you aren’t very sure about them.  You like to suck on sweet potato sticks and steamed broccoli.  But Penny is very happy – she gets all the food you drop!
  • You are into EVERYTHING.  You’re not afraid to lunge head first into the couch, your toy chest, the floor, as long as you see something you want, you try to go get it!!
  • You’re not crawling yet, but you’re a pro at spinning in circles.  You’ve got that down! And you’ll spin yourself clear across the playroom floor!
  • You gave me kisses for the first time the morning after I was gone all day shooting a wedding.  You melted my heart.
  • You’re rocking swim lessons!  You’ve fully submerged several times over the last few weeks and you even crack a few laughs during class!
  • You’re ticklish!!  I didn’t know babies could be ticklish, but you are and your laugh is the best. thing. ever.
  • You love your daddy so much.  You two have such a blast together and I am so grateful for the bond I see you two already forming.  You love sitting on his shoulders (getting used to the tall life), and you guys LOVE chasing Penny around the house.  Your squeals are seriously the best.

Gabriel David, your mommy & daddy love you so so so much.  Happy half birthday.  Time slow down.

Gabriel at 5 Days Gabriel at 5 Days

Gabriel David, you are the very best thing that has happened to your daddy and me.  We love you.  Happy half birthday, Bumpy!!



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