Last Wednesday, our Tuesdays Together group hosted the first ever Creative Marketplace!  To read more about the event, click here.  Since this was the first time anyone has ever attempted this event, we were all very anxious to see how it would go.  Well…let’s just say, it was a HUGE success!!  We had 28 vendors, a food truck, King of Pops, and over 300 people attend and shop/support small businesses!

The night was so fun as we danced around the incredible Paisley & Jade showroom to the tunes of DJ Paula Shrum.  Some had flower crowns made by Geoff’s Florals and I think the most popular booth was Sugar Soiree with their unique flavors of cotton candy!  It was so hard to resist buying one of everything, but I did buy a few little things that I just couldn’t live without (see below!)

RVA Skyline |  Mandy Fitzgerald Art RVA Skyline |  Mandy Fitzgerald Art Hand painted globe  |  Cory Harris Art Hand painted globe  |  Cory Harris Art

I am so overwhelmed by the success of this event.  You just never know what to expect the first time an event is put on!  There were so many wonderful vendors who made this event possible, and I love that we had the best core team who met over the course of 5 months to create this event.  **To see a complete list of sponsors, see the end of the post. For a complete list of vendors, look here!**

Of course, the main focus and goal of this event was to highlight the many creatives and makers in our city and support local and shop small!  We also wanted to reach more people who would be interested in joining our Tuesdays Together RVA group where we have more than 700 members in the RVA area. (You can sign up for email reminders about monthly meetups here! Promise..your inbox won’t blow up 😉 )  Tuesdays Together is an organization born out of The Rising Tide Society (RTS).  RTS was created by two incredible women who were tired of the dog-eat-dog world of the creative industry and recognize that when it’s like that, no one truly wins.  It’s only when we put community over competition that we truly all win.  John F. Kennedy once said, “A rising tide lifts all boats” and this is so true for the creative industry.  When everyone is getting better, stronger in their field, the whole tide lifts and thus, all the boats lift with it.

So, if you’re a creative in the RVA area, please, please come out to one of our meetups!  We meet in a different location once a month.  Each month we talk about a different topic ranging from client experience, taxes, contracts, pricing, and more!  There’s tons and tons of free content from industry leaders each month and it truly is an invaluable experience!  I truly can’t say enough about the knowledge I have gained through this group.  I can really see a difference in my business from this time last year to now..and a lot of it has to do with Tuesdays Together!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through some of my favorite photos from the event!  Thanks again to Paisley & Jade for opening their space and letting the artists utilize their incredible vintage and eclectic pieces!!  **If you see a booth/artist you like, click the image and it will link you to their website!


Mandy Fitzgerald ArtLemon & The SeaPaisley & Jade, Annamarie Akins PhotographyThe Routine CreativeTaradel, LLC818 DesignTina Take My PhotoFox & Wren, Sign Jay, DJ Paula ShrumKing of PopsSugar SoireeDank Eats, Kathryn Ivy Photography



Creative Marketplace RVA | After the event

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  1. Mandy says:

    Your photos are absolutely perfect!! And thank you so much for buying my RVA print 🙂 I love the frame you picked out for it! 🙂 Such a fun night, thanks for everything!!

  2. Morgan (P&J) says:

    These photos are AMAZING!! Thanks for capturing such an awesome event – we loved being a part of it!!!

  3. Morgan (P&J) says:

    These photos are AMAZING!! Thanks for capturing such an awesome event – we loved being a part of it!!!

  4. Morgan (P&J) says:

    These photos are AMAZING!! Thanks for capturing such an awesome event – we loved being a part of it!!!

  5. Tori Watson says:

    it was so amazing and i wanted ALL THE THINGS.