My photography journey started years ago with a genuine love of memories. This love for memories as well as love of still photography grew into Kathryn Ivy Photography. 

When I was a child, my mother had a 3 drawer chest overflowing with photos.  There were photos mostly of my siblings and me but there were also albums of my parents and their parents.  It was fascinating to me to learn about my history through the lens of old photographs.  

Now as a wife & mother of two, I see photographs in a new way.  They hold memories for us that would otherwise be lost or forgotten. I grasp to those memories on hard days. We look back and reminisce over the silly hair cut or that sweet look in our child's eye. I believe in the importance of investing in photography as a means of creating and saving memories.  

Photography has brought me into a world in which I get to celebrate with couples and and families and that experience is precious to me. In every single session, whether wedding, family, newborn, or maternity, I strive to create beautiful, artistic images that tell your story.  

Meet Kathryn

photographer, mama, wife, lover of life

I'm happiest surrounded by my family.  I take too many pictures, laugh loud, love fiercely, and give my all and everything
to those I love. 



My husband and I have two small boys. I never imagined myself with just boys, but's sweeter than I could have expected!  Who knows...perhaps a girl is in our future, but for now I'm rocking
 that #boymom life. 



I'm the most perfectionistic creative you'll probably ever meet.  I thrive on to-do lists, spreadsheets, an orderly home, and I'm a wanna-be minimalist.  I'm always striving to be better & do better - a
curse and a gift!

Type A, Enneagram 1


My heart calls me to the mountains, digging in the dirt, sitting around the campfire (leave out the ghost stories!), and generally
exploring the outdoors.  I love when my couples and families want to go "exploring" for their sessions!

tomboy at heart


A little more about me...