As I sit down to write this blog, I am overwhelmed with the thought that I even GET to write this post.  I have dreamed of this house for practically my entire life.  Even having the opportunity to renovate our kitchen to meet my dreams is unbelievable,  If you know me at all, you know I love muted tones…I love blues and greens…I love simplicity and natural light.  I love all things old that tell a history.  So…our kitchen (where we admittedly spend most of our time) has GOT to be a space where we feel at home..connected.

We spent all day Saturday and some of Sunday looking, shopping, and planning for our new kitchen.  Today…I’ll post some (really bad iPhone picsof our before kitchen…and one big sneak peak of what is to come!!

I understand the teal cabinets… the Friends era idea of awesome cabinet colors…but for a kitchen with no windows…no.  Just no.  ha!  The first thing we did to bide our time was paint the cabinets white!  Also, pay attention to that drop ceiling…we had NO LIGHT in our kitchen!!

This is our walkthrough “pantry”.   I LOVE THIS SPACE!  It is so old school and I just love it…but we need doors for that cabinet.  We have them in the basement…with no glass.  If you know a glass person…send them our way!!

Did I mention our refrigerator is on the back porch??  Yep!  It is!  Mark that down for a definite change for our kitchen!!!

And THIS my friends is our inspiration board for our kitchen!!!!!

Grey, white, steel, copper, blue, green, and yet soft and feminine?  YES and more YES.

Construction will start happening VERY SOON so stay tuned for more updates on our crazy kitchen renovation!!!


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