One of the things I love about the photography world is that I get to meet and spend time with some pretty awesome people..whom without photography I may have never met. When Karissa contacted me, I found out that she found me on Instgram!  So cool!  I am so glad she found me and contacted me.  Karissa and her husband, Jerome lived in Richmond and got married here and the moved away…they recently moved back to RVA and decided to get portraits done to commemorate their move back…and get some update pictures of their family.  

You know how some people you meet and you can just tell they love each other and they love being with each other?  This was that family!  From the moment they stepped out of their car, it was pure happiness.  Their daughters Kayla and Olivia are the cutest little girls!  They laughed and played and really enjoyed being together with their family!  

and YA’LL.  These trees.  I can’t.  They were gorgeous.  I can’t stop gushing.

The Hughes Family : Libby Hill Park

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