This past weekend I had the privilege to fly to Sarasota, Florida for my cousin, Meghan’s baby shower.  Meghan is my only girl cousin…and you guys…I love her…like a lot, a lot.  Though we have always lived far away from each other (besides a year or so), we have always been more like sisters than cousins.  In fact, all of our cousins are like that.  We’re blessed with a family who loves each other whole-heartledly and for that I am so thankful.  

Meghan’s baby shower was put on by her dear friends, Darcy, Lauren, and Becky.  These ladies put together one heck of a party!  Between Darcy’s styling and planning, Lauren’s organization, and Becky’s catering company (just wait till you see the present table linens!) this shower was sure to impress..and it did not disappoint! I had such a blast getting to know Meghan’s friends even better over this past weekend.  I am so glad I could be there to capture the beautiful moments and details!  Baby Claire, you’re one lucky girl.  We love you!!

This was a handmade project done by Darcy.  Darcy had all the women in baby Claire’s life write a brief note to encourage her along life’s journey – some were funny, some were sweet, and some made us all cry.  May you forever know you are so unconditionally loved, Claire.  We cannot wait to meet you!

Meghan & Adam’s Baby Shower

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